How to blog easily using MS Word 2007

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This is an awesome stuff which is being provided by our Microsoft office , you can able to register your blog through this blog control in ms office . First of all you need to create a blog using some blog providers like Wordpress ,blogger,typepad or some other blogging services. Once you got created with the blog you can start blogging with the use of word blog service.

How to get into the Ms Word blog service ? There is nothing special needed , you need only your word there you have to go to the Office Button you can find the publish option there .

Once you click on that you will get a new document page for your blog content manipulation . You can set your preferences on the blog service provider you must select the one you gonna post the item that you develop in the document.

After all the steps got completed you are now ready to blog your own words as using a normal word document .

When i was grazing through the contents on google reader i got to see an amazing widget on using the google buzz updates in blogs. It will be a useful one to share the real time updates from you , it sounds good when it is placed at the sidebar of your blog.
Let me explain the simple steps for getting it on your blog ..
Now goto your Google Reader , you will see the shared items tab at the left side of your window click on it .

This evening i was on a need to upload some images to my blog so i went to for uploading the snap shots related to my articles , woo i was shocked on seeing the Warning . First i selected the image to get hosted in a private mode i got the same php engine error , so i again tried to upload in public mode even then i got the similar error. I think this might be due some code error while acquiring the inputs to the database. 

I Request the admin to fix the problem ASAP ,so that the service would be back on form !!

A Dedicated web hosting is all about the wholesale of the server space .You might be possibly aware of some commonly used webhost providers they provide with a specific Mb or GB of space for your host with some additional domain installation plans.When you are in need to have a bigger usage on the bandwidth or have a need for a specific OS like windows ,linux etc then the managed servers will provide you with the requested server space and the OS specification. Here i list some of the commonly used host providers,

Its a pretty good news for the smart mobile lovers,Microsoft Winpho7 is with lots of interface never before from the microsoft. They have improved lots of features to make it too virtual at drive. It has got a beautifully animated  and stylish interface .This improved winpho has a exiting features of real time updates at your finger touch. Well there will be a thought that these features has been already been used by Android , Iphone, Palm Os the windows Os is  a mere change that would speak out well with a wide screen display .

The mobile inhibits the easy friend finder features using some social networking sites like Facebook ,Windows Live . Music sharing made at the best Zune integrated services. Additional the X-BOX service calls of in this smartest mobile , As a bigger one Bing search engine  is provided to our winpho7. Are you ready guys and girls for the wider move towards the Windows Phone 7 series .

Pune German Bakery blast counted the terrorists insane attack , about 9 people where killed including two foreigners around 57 got injured . This attacked was claimed to be from Jamaat-ud-Dawaah (JuD) or Indian Mujahideen (IM)
Two of the terrorists where captured in the CCTV  cam which was installed in a hotel facing this bomb explosion spot.Those captured videos are subjected for the investigation by the ATS team and National Investigating Agency .
One of the terrorist was seem to be holded with his shoulder bag and another was instructing with his mobile .

You need a karaoke of the song that you are going to use for recording . For that you need to get the Background music of your song .How to get the background of a song without vocals you can see our previous post .
Using the Audacity now open the karaoke music file.The Sound track gets loaded into the track in the form of wave.